Every Tuesday 6pm-8pm we run our Quasar Club, open to all.

Play quick 10 minute advanced games such as, Capture the flag, Zombies, Juggernault, to name just a few.

Just £4 per person for the whole session, advisable to pre-book as limited spaces.

Minimum age to play 10+




Capture the flag, attack and defend style. In this mode, one. two or even three teams have a flag, which must be captured and brought back to the other team’s base to score points. Configurable options include different stat assignments for flag carriers, reset delay when captured or dropped and flag passing!

Braaaaaaainssss…… A survival game! Survivors must band together to avoid being infected! Once infected you will turn into a ZOMBIE. Configurable options include enabling survivor teams and stats for alpha zombies with differing stats to regular zombies!

One player is the Juggernaut which can transfer to other players. We can use this mode to implement a huge range of games where one player in the game has special stats!


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